With the OS 16000 and chrome overhead scanning systems, Zeutschel aims to redefine the standard for A2 scanning – in both the digitization sector and the open stacks section.

At home anywhere: Scanners by Zeutschel

Day in, day out, millions of documents are scanned in archives, libraries, universities, businesses and government institutions. Virtually whenever quality, reliability and performance are demanded, Zeutschel scanners are there. Be this in the State Library in Berlin, the British Library or in Princeton. We have been developing overhead scanners since 1993 and Zeutschel book scanners have regularly been setting new industry standards since 1996.

Listen to exactly what the user needs

Before we started developing the new OS 16000 scanner family, we talked to many users across the globe. What they wanted was a technically sophisticated device that delivers superb quality images, is also easy to use and guarantees a high throughput. We also repeatedly heard that there should be more flexibility in using scanners, moving them to a different location should be easy.

To sum up: It is time for a new scanner!

Product advantages

  • compact
  • mobile
  • Plug’n’Scan
  • high productivity
  • simple operation
  • superb image quality
  • optical zoom (OS 16000 Advanced Plus)
  • automatic book cradle (OS 16000 Advanced Plus)
  • zeta software with touch panel (chrome)
  • preview function for reliable results
  • high depth of field
  • excellent image and high-quality output data in different formats
  • semi-automatic workflow support
  • multilingual user interface
  • flexible interfaces for almost any environment
  • remote maintenance and remote administration
  • energy efficiency – conforms to Energy Star