Metamorfoze quality required

Zeutschel equips Digitisation Center at the State Library of Berlin with eight scanners

The Digitization Center at the State Library of Berlin (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz) has thoroughly modernized its equipment infrastructure.

As part of this measure, the state library purchased among others eight of the Zeutschel OS 14000 high-end book scanners for A1 and A2 formats. They satisfy the library’s strict requirements for image quality, quality management and processing speed.

Among the key criteria in selecting the devices was the quality of the scanning results. They were assessed based on the “Metamorfoze Guidelines”. These rules contain objectively verifiable criteria and tolerances to achieve consistently high image quality.

The specifications published by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin demand a scan quality of at least “Metamorfoze Light” or higher. The guidelines define this as being a quality standard that includes good colour accuracy and highly detailed reproduction. This means that all visible information contained in the original is reproduced identically in the digital copy.

State Library of Berlin

The Zeutschel OS 14000 is one of just two scanners available on the market that are able to deliver stable and reliable Metamorfoze quality up to A1 format.

The integration of quality management functions in daily routines is another technical challenge that the devices need to overcome. For instance, the Digitization Center insists on the capability to equip the scanning software with a quality management system that starts automatically with custom settings.

A productive workflow in the scanning process was another important aspect for management at the Digitization Center. The requirements for scanning speed are therefore demanding. Among other thing, the scanners must process color scans in A1 format and 300 dpi resolution in 7 seconds at maximum, or 600 dpi in no more than 13 seconds.

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