Launch of 3D book explorer system at ARA conference Ireland

Zeutschel UK are Launching a solution to create 3D books from 2D scans.

With our 3D Explorer, we are showing you for the

first time a totally new, exciting way of presenting valuable and sensitive treasures from your possessions.

We have developed the 3D Explorer in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute in Berlin. A solution as simple as it is impressive.

The 3D Explorer: modular and simple

The 3D Explorer consists of the following modules:

3D Book-Editor: This software module lets you

create 3D books in presentation quality from

2D scans in a simple process.

3D Object-Editor: This module allows you to

include 3D objects in your presentation.

3D Presenter: This is the software module for

the 3D presentation of books and other valuable


Frontal Flow: With gesture control, you can

leaf, zoom and rotate to your heart’s content in

the 3D Presenter.

With 3D Foyer, you can create an attractive point of

interest in the entrance area or at another key site.

With 3D Kiosk we are offering you a future-proof total solution that meets all demands.